About Quilterosity

I’m Irene.  I’m Canadian, born of Dutch immigrants and married to an Irish immigrant.   No one understands how the Dutch stubbornness and Irish temper have managed to thrive together for over 30 years, least of all the two of us.

I’m curious, a quilt creator, love to make other people laugh, a high alto, and I’m interested in history, photography (except the technical stuff which makes my eyes glaze over), palaeography (which is medieval handwriting, not dinosaurs), and lots of other things.

As a child I wanted to be a writer (to create things from my own imagination), or an astronaut (to boldly go where no one had gone before), or a speech therapist (because creating poems and puzzles using the letter “s” for lisping children seemed like fun.)

And having never become either an astronaut or a speech therapist, I am quite happy that finally, this blog is my chance to write.

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