I am the world’s least consistent blogger, and haven’t posted in ages, but the Navigator and I are on a pretty special trip, so I thought I’d try again. We start with a few days in Holland, then a Baltic Cruise, then a transatlantic cruise to Boston via Iceland and Greenland. It will start the way it always does, with good intentions and properly cropped photos. And things will go downhill from there, but let’s try anyways.

Happy as two clams in first class

We decided to take Icelandair this time because a premium economy seat was cheaper than Air Canada’s regular economy. We didn’t realize this would mean an upgrade into business class, with free wi-fi, a comfort kit, a “library selection” of gins (wasted on me, but never mind), noise-cancelling headphones, and a three-course meal starting with salmon and ending with chocolate, which means they can chuck just about whatever else they want in the middle, and it will be just fine!

They gave us this bottle of 5,000 year old glacial spring water just in time. I don’t know if you can make it out, but the “best before” date is only two years off.

The only downside was, we had a stopover in Iceland on our way to Amsterdam. So, 3 am, Canadian time (6 am Iceland time), in the airport at Keflavik, Iceland.

The first stamp in my brand new passport.

I only had one hour of napping on the flight, to the soothing sounds of “ambient Icelandic” music. And then I had to go to the bathroom, and that’s when I had a thinking attack. Hmmmmm, we left Canada at sunset and we are traveling away from the sunset and the sky has had these beautiful sunset colours throughout our flight without night ever actually falling.

And as we approach Iceland, it’s light out, so obviously the sun has risen, but how could it have risen if it hasn’t even set yet? And the earth is spinning in my mind, a tiny airplane circling it and a sun casting shadows upon it, in an effort to solve this puzzle. And moreover, if we fly for five hours and catch up 3 time zones, is this a form of time travel and if so, have our hours technically expanded?

It isn’t always easy to be me.